STUFF – 2018

Book Second Editions Published

I managed to publish the second edition of my Kindle eBook, and also a paperback version over the weekend. It was a bit of a labour of love, with both books being 710,000 words together with many images, especially in the eBook.

If you would like to check it out, the address on Amazon US is here and Amazon UK here. The UK site shows the publication date of the eBook as 2017, but I can tell you it has the same text as the paperback, with a new blue coloured cover.

This text has been extensively rewritten from my original blog posts, but I do intend to update the blog with the new versions of the text over time, no estimates on that as yet. I am still considering the best way to do it.

JH – September 2018

Some Blog Trivia

I usually keep an eye on my blog web traffic, but not so much recently. However I just noticed that July 2018 was my biggest month ever. Two things stand out.

The most views expressed in terms of bandwidth came from Australia, the US, China, South Korea, the Philippines, Russian Federation, then the UK. They start to thin out after this. I am constantly amazed at stats that show Turkey with the most number of visitors – I don’t think they stay long. However, all told, there were over 200 visitors who stayed for more than 30 minutes which is pleasing.

The most viewed pages for the month are always fascinating reading. In July, the top three were:

–   Jordi Cervello – A Profound Discovery

–   Arnold Schoenberg – Transfigured Night

–   LV Beethoven – String Quartet No. 14

Interestingly, for me at least, some composers are now linking to reviews of their work. Two people came through Martin Bresnick’s website during the month. I must be doing something right.

String Quintets and Sextets

For a while I have been thinking about the possibly of posting some reviews of performances by the above five and six-member string ensembles. They are both closely related to string quartets, normally augmented by an extra cello and/or viola, and less often, a double bass.

Although the repertoire for these ensembles is tiny compared to that of the string quartet, there are some wonderful works available, which I am sure would appeal to most string quartet listeners.

I’m looking forward to doing reviews of some of these augmented ensembles occasionally, starting now!

A Lost Subscriber –

Somebody recently subscribed but I inadvertently deleted their email address.

I believe the gentleman’s first name ended in ‘t’ and the address was possibly, or something similar.

If this is you, please resubscribe, I shall be sure to make a backup this time!


A 2018 View

I have just completed my 200th post and 300th string quartet, and still seem to be going strong, albeit mostly at a rate of two new posts each week. I hope to publish a second edition of my Kindle book in August.

You may have noticed a change in the tenor of some of the more recent reviews as I seem to be finding interesting contemporary works. Some of these works have a quite technical approach to composition but I never intended the blog to be technically oriented, rather about the emotional expression and I intend to keep this focus.

Examination of my  web stats indicates that a number of people are using RSS feeds to notify them of new postings. Also, a lot of visitors are staying for at least 30 minutes, which I find surprising, but gratifying.

Finally, to everyone out there, have a special 2018, filled with wonderful music.

Best wishes,