STUFF – Links to earsense and Glossary PDF

I spent a few days recently updating my whole blog with links to chamber music blog earsense. Run by Kai Christiansen, this magnificent site is organised in a much more user-friendly manner than YouTube and significantly, often includes multiple performances of a discussed work. Kai is a computer professional and has developed a fully functional database search engine, which allows you to easily go straight to a composer or work, as well as construct complex searches.

I checked my First Edition Kindle eBook, published in August 2017 and found 17 links to earsense. After updating there are now approximately 225 links. Nice one, Kai!

Further, as a result of the recent publication of the Second Edition of my book, I have now set up a link to a PDF version of the Glossary on my website, which you can download from here:

It can then be viewed or printed, if you feel like it …

JH – November 2018


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